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31 May Extreme Coffee: Exploring the Bizarre and the Unconventional

Voltaire once said “Perfection is attained by slow degrees, it requires the hand of time”. He was a philosopher, wit and prolific writer who reportedly drank 40-50 cups of coffee a day. He credited coffee for the inspiration behind many of his ideas. Byron Bay Coffee Company abides by this principle...

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01 Mar What colour is your latte?

Is your café taking the coffee out of your latte and putting a 'y' in your milk? Has the simple refrain “tea or coffee, black or white?” become a thing of the past? Replaced with the far more complex series of questions -  “Matcha, beetroot or turmeric latte? Coconut, almond, soy or...

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21 Dec Our Brew Guide for Plunger Coffee

A plunger is an easy and practical way to make freshly brewed coffee whether at home, work or travelling. You may have also heard it referred to as a French Press, Coffee Press, Press Pot or Cafetiére. Although it has seen a slight dip in popularity as other portable brewing methods and...

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10 Nov Come to your senses about your coffee

What does your coffee actually taste like? Let's take a walk through the nuances, language and characteristics of coffee. Does it have a vibrant mouth feel or scents of mandarin peel and spicy cinnamon notes? Does it have a rich silky body and buttery cacao flavours? The taste profile of each cup...

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13 Oct The Byron Bay Coffee Company Coffeepedia

A coffee glossary for the caffeine lover   The coffee lexicon can be confusing to the average caffeine consumer. In a country with a thriving café culture and a love of all things coffee it can be hard to keep up with all the jargon. So, if you are itching to release your inner...

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04 Aug Australia: The Espresso Martini Caffeination

  Australians have an unwavering love affair with coffee that almost rivals their devotion to alcohol, so it is hardly surprising that the Espresso Martini or Coffeetini, as it is sometimes referred to, has become the kingpin on cocktail lists across the country. Forget the Cosmo, the Negroni or the Bellini,...

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15 Jun Coffee is good for you

We love coffee and all things coffee. We wholeheartedly champion this sublime elixir for all its deliciousness, but did you know that coffee can also be good for you? Are you interested in all the wonderful health attributes coffee can provide? If you ever needed a good reason to reach for...

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12 May Exploring the World of Coffee

Scandinavian’s top the list of the world’s largest caffeine consumers but there can be no denying that coffee is well and truly loved worldwide. When traveling the globe there are phrases or words that are essential to everyday survival: hello, thank you, how much and of course, coffee. Thankfully the word...

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