13 Oct The Byron Bay Coffee Company Coffeepedia

A coffee glossary for the caffeine lover


The coffee lexicon can be confusing to the average caffeine consumer.

In a country with a thriving café culture and a love of all things coffee it can be hard to keep up with all the jargon.

So, if you are itching to release your inner barista or just stay up to speed with the ever expanding world of coffee, we have put together a glossary or Coffeepedia to help you out.


Barista: a person trained in preparing and serving coffee

Tamp or tamping: the act of compressing coffee into the portafilter

Tamper: the device used to compress the ground coffee

Tamp mat: a mat that sits on the edge of a bench and prevents the portafilter from slipping during the tamping process

Back flushing: the espresso machine cleaning process using a blind filter

Portafilter or group handle: a holder for ground espresso coffee that clamps onto the group in an espresso machine, generally with a handle

Portafilter basket: stainless steel screened baskets that fit into the portafilter, single or double

Blind filter or blanks: a basket with no holes used for backflushing machines in the cleaning process

Crema: the rich creamy texture that should form on the top of a great espresso, golden brown in colour

Group head: a fixed component of an espresso machine into which the portafilter clamps

Burr grinder: an adjustable mill that uses rotating disks to slice beans into consistent ground coffee sizes

Doser grinder: a machine that both grinds the beans and dispenses a measure of grounds

Puck, spent puck or cake: the leftover grinds in the basket after the coffee has been brewed

Knock down tube or knock box: a storage bin to dispense of spent coffee pucks/ cakes. The portafilter is knocked on a central bar to dislodge

Steam wand: an external pipe on the espresso machine that creates steam via the steam knob for stretching/texturing milk

Stretching: the technique of heating and aerating the milk to create foam

Froth or foam: produced when milk is steamed via the steam wand

Cupping: a tasting technique used to understand coffee flavour profiles

Bar: the unit for measuring pressure on an espresso machine

Hopper: the container on a grinder that holds the whole beans

Extraction: the act of brewing the coffee. Water is forced under pressure through the ground coffee to extract the flavours and aromas

Drum roaster: a machine that uses a rotating drum and heating element to roast the coffee in batches. The drum itself also conducts heat. It is the most common commercial roaster

Air or Fluid-Bed roaster: a machine that uses forced streams of hot air to roast the beans

Arabica: species of coffee grown at high altitudes with a mild, well balanced flavour. The beans are largely hand-picked and are used in most specialty coffees

Robusta: species of coffee grown at lower altitudes with a higher caffeine content and less sensitivity to insects and disease. Often used in blends and instant coffee

Single origin: green bean that originates from one particular plantation within a region

Blend: a combination of single origin beans mixed together

Byron Bay Coffee Company coffee: delicious, vibrant, rich, full flavoured and complex coffee. Beans that are blended so that different single origins complement and enhance each other and create well balanced and full bodied flavours. 90 percent of the green bean is certified organic or Rainforest Alliance.

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