Byron Bay Coffee Company

How should I store my coffee?

Coffee needs to be kept in an airtight environment. Once you have opened your coffee use the resealable zipper to keep it fresh. You can also store your coffee in an airtight container, preferably glass, not plastic. We recommend a cool dark place away from any moisture (as it is the enemy!), e.g the pantry. In hotter climates or humid weather you can keep it in the fridge but it must be airtight as coffee absorbs odours and moisture. It is ok to keep in the freezer if you are not a regular user.

What's the difference between Plunger and Espresso coffees?

We source the best coffee beans in the world and to help bring out the best flavours we roast specifically for each brew method. This helps highlight the unique aspects of the coffee when using that particular brewing method.

For Plunger brew methods, we roast the coffee lighter than we do for our Espresso coffee. The lighter roast highlights different characteristics of the coffee. With a light roast, there is more fruit, less body and brighter acidity compared to the sweetness of an espresso coffee. The aim with plunger coffee is to keep the flavours sharp, bright and clear.

Espresso Coffee on the other hand is roasted at a higher temperature to caramelise the coffee beans. This brings out more sweetness, body, depth and balance to the coffee when brewing with an espresso machine.

Purchasing the correct coffee for both your taste and brewing method of choice is key to making the perfect cup of coffee. So, if your coffee is being prepared manually via a plunger, pour over, drip filter, Aeropress or Cold Drip, we recommend using our single origin and plunger range.

How is Certified Organic coffee different?

The plantations from which the coffee beans originated have been certified by a world certification organisation; the Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA), which means no chemicals have been used in the growing process. Our Certified Organic coffee is imported.
AQIS, Australia’s quarantine department, is one of the strictest in the world. Organic green bean is tested off shore before landing and does not require any fumigation if it passes inspection. If the inspection fails it can no longer be sold as organic coffee.

Why doesn't it say Mycotoxin free on the Organic Espresso & Plunger bags?

We test the Organic Blends annually or if there is a bean change (either origin or crop).

If a test came back positive for mycotoxins we would remove the statement, ‘Mycotoxin Free’ from the product on our website. This is why we don’t put ‘Mycotoxin Free’ on the coffee bags.

We only source the most premium coffee beans from the best growing regions of the world which reduces the possibility of Mycotoxins being present. We are confident with our process that it is unlikely to happen but cannot guarantee it.

How are Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffees different?

Rainforest Alliance certified plantations are from the Central and South America. They are certified by a non-profit organization out of New York and practice sustainable agriculture, reforestation, protection of waterways, and build schooling and housing for the workers. The profits go back to the owners and workers. They render themselves organic as the coffee grows under rainforest canopy.

Are the Chocolate Coated Products Vegan?

No, the chocolate coated coffee beans and macadamias contain a product called shellac which gives them a shiny polished look.

Do you provide Barista Training?

Education is key to revealing the potential in coffee!
Our experienced team will provide your baristas with training to ensure that they are engaged, equipped and empowered to bring out the nuances and flavour profile of our coffee.

We also provide barista training to individuals and provide a certificate of proof. Contact us to enquire.`

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we can ship to almost anywhere in the world. We send parcels through Australia Post. If you would like to send a parcel overseas, please contact us to obtain a quote.

How do I change my shipping address or contact details?

Login to your account here and select the category you want to update, save changes. Simple!

If it is for your subscription, make sure you also change it in the My Subscriptions section of your account and save changes.

If you have already placed an order and need to change these details, please contact us as soon as possible and we will assist you.

How do I update my credit card details for my subscription?

Login to your account here and select the My Subscriptions category, select the Change Payment category, edit details, then hit the save button. Simple!

Can I cancel or suspend my subscription?

Yep, our subscriptions can be cancelled or suspended at any time. All you need to do is Login to your account here, select the My Subscriptions category and select either the cancel or suspend button.

If you suspend your subscription and want to reactive it login to the same area and select the Reactivate button.

Can I make changes to my subscription?

Yes, you can make a number of changes to your subscription. The things you can change are:

· Change delivery address

· Upgrade or downgrade the quantity you have ordered & the renewal length

· Change payment details

· Pause, Suspend or renew the subscription

Simply login to your account here and select the My Subscription to amend.

Can I add to my subscription?

Of course, all you need to do is make sure you are logged in to your account.

Go to our store, select the product you wish to add

Click Subscribe and Save 10% then select the check box to add to an existing subscription.

A box will appear with details of your subscription, then click ADD to confirm.

Can we have a coffee at the roastery?

We are not a café, however you are more than welcome to visit and purchase fresh coffee from us for you to brew at home.

More questions?

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.