Byron Bay Coffee Company

Rainforest Alliance Certified

Our green frog certification seal indicates that a coffee farm enterprise has been audited to meet standards that require environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

This includes biodiversity, conservation, improved livelihoods, human well-being, natural resource conservation, effective planning and farm management systems.


Certified Organic Green Bean

We buy 100% Arabica Certified Organic green bean, sourced from the best coffee growing regions from around the world.

AQIS, Australia’s quarantine department, is one of the strictest in the world. Organic green bean is tested off shore before landing and does not require any fumigation if it passes inspection. If the inspection fails it can no longer be sold as organic coffee.



Coffee Sacks

Our Coffee Sacks are recycled within our business and are also given away.

There are many ways of being creative with them!

They can be used to make cushions, picture frames, seat covers, weeding mats for the garden and we’ve even used them in kiddy sack races!


Recycled Shipping Cartons

We use Austcor for our shipping cartons because they are a member of the Australian Packaging Covenant where they have a commitment to Sustainable Design, increased recycling rates, and reduction in waste to landfill.
The cardboard shipping boxes are made from recycled material and are 100% recyclable cartons.


Reusable Coffee Tins

Where possible we supply our coffee in 5 kilo coffee tins. They are specially designed with a one way valve and a convenient spout to pour the coffee into the grinder hopper.

We stop thousands of bags from going into landfill every year.


Solar Panels

Our factory roof is covered in solar panels producing 100% of our electrical supply, therefore reducing our carbon footprint.



KeepCups are a great way to get your takeaway coffee which reduces landfill and eliminates the footprint of the delivery chain from the paper cup industry.

We’ve been a partner with KeepCup for over 5 years and have created our own branded glass cups which are available to our Cafe’ and retail Partners or to purchase in the shop.

KeepCups are another great Austalian Made product.



We love the HuskeeCup because they use coffee husks as a raw material to make the cup. This is an organic waste material that is produced at the milling stage of coffee production. By supporting the HuskeeCup, you’re helping to recycle hundreds of tonnes of waste from the production of coffee.

Huskee also have a swap program to help solve the issue of single-use takeaway cups. Huskee have created a global community of cafes and coffee drinkers who swap and exchange reusable takeaway coffee cups.


Compostable Takeaway Cup & Lids

Our compostable take-away cups are made from sustainably sourced trees, from managed plantations.

The take-away lids are made from a bioplastic made from plants, not fossil fuel and are compostable, meaning less waste ends up in landfill.