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Franco’s Festive Brew: The ‘Christmas Cheer’ Cocktail Recipe

Franco making the "Cheer Cocktail' Festive Drink


‘Franco’s Bar’ is back open just in time to give us a delightful festive cocktail recipe to ring in the New Year!

Presenting Franco’s latest creation, the ‘Christmas Cheer’ cocktail; a delicious concoction that combines flavours of Frangelico Liqueur, the freshness of strawberries and, of course, tasty coffee.


The 'Cheer Cocktail' by Franco


To prepare the ‘Christmas Cheer’ cocktail you’ll need:

75ml of Frangelico Liqueur
30ml of Brandy
1 shot of Espresso Coffee (20-25ml)
20ml of Cow’s Milk (optional)
2 to 3 medium-sized Strawberries
1 scoop of Ice


Simply blend all the ingredients, pour into a cocktail glass and garnish with an extra strawberry for that perfect holiday touch.


The 'Cheer Cocktail' by Franco


Let’s toast to the season and to a great start of 2024 – Cheers!