This story begins in 1989 when Annie, Franco and their children left Sydney in search of a rural lifestyle. The family headed up the coast discovering the Byron Bay hinterland. They settled onto twelve acres, transforming the land into a coffee plantation and hobby farm. Franco started learning the art of roasting and blending, with Annie selling the beans at the local markets and taking care of sales development and administration. Through hard work and a non-compromising attitude to producing the best quality coffee, the business continues to grow organically. They now source premium beans from all around the world. Three decades on, they are still operating as a family business continuing with their passion and pursuit of creating the perfect cup of coffee. Just try a cup to get a taste of this story.


A cup of our coffee begins with sourcing the best quality Arabica coffee beans from the premium coffee growing regions of the world. Franco has over twenty years experience roasting coffee, he believes that the key to good roasting is running trials, adjusting temperature and air flows, and searching for roast profiles that will bring the optimum flavours and characteristics out of the beans. We choose to blend coffee so that different single origins complement and enhance each other. This creates well balanced and full bodied flavours. We strive to create a unique tasting cup that is vibrant, rich and complex.  We roast and deliver fresh every week, working with our cafes to ensure fully qualified baristas are sharing our passion for coffee.



Coffee is the second most traded commodity of our times. This is why it is important that a cup of coffee is created using environmentally and ethically sustainable practices. We are passionate about running our business in this way. We do this by sourcing coffee from Certified Organic and Rainforest Alliance farms. We supply BioPak takeaway cups. These are made from annually renewable, plant based crops and are bio degradable. We like to encourage our clients to reuse and reduce waste, this is why we offer our branded KeepCup and have distribution arrangement with Huskee Reusable cups made from the wasted coffee husks. Byron Bay Coffee Company is proud to Support Sea Shepherd and for 14 years donated to Rainforest Rescue. Along with our Cafe’s we raised $6500 for Rainforest Rescue saving 4,700 square metres in the Daintree.