500g Single Origin Coffee – Roaster’s Selection

  • Bag of Single Origin Coffee
  • 500g Burundi Butegana Single Origin Coffee
  • 500g Burundi Butegana Single Origin Coffee

500g Single Origin Coffee – Roaster’s Selection

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500g Single Origin Coffee Current Selection:


REGION: Kayanza

PROCESS: 12hr Yeast Inoculated (Cima) Natural

VARIETAL: Red Bourbon

ROAST: Light

FLAVOUR: Fruit driven coffee with a well rounded body. Notes of black tea, cacao, strawberry and apricot with a passionfruit acidity to finish.

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Burundi is a small, landlocked African country located to the south of Rwanda and between the Democratic Republic of Congo to the West and Tanzania to the East. Coffee in this country is grown mostly by smallholders, and is often wet-processed.

Burundi’s coffee is often said to have flavour characteristics similar to those of its Rwandan neighbour due to the geographic proximity and closely related processing methods.

Butegana washing station was built in 1972 and was the first washing station constructed in Burundi. It is located in the Kayanza Commune in the Kayanza province in the north of the country, and sits at an altitude of 1612m. Many years ago, Rwandan and Burundian troops fought against each other in this region. That is how it got the name ‘Butegana’ which means “place of attack”.

This washing station collects cherries from around 3700 local coffee farmers spread over the 24 neighbouring collines. each with less than half a hectare of land. Most of farmers own about 200 trees, producing about one and a hlaf kilos . During the harvest season, Butegana processes more than 1250 tons of coffee.

The coffee is laid on raised beds to dry, with this process taking between 10-14 when weather conditions are good. The moisture level is carefully monitored with any visual defects being hand sorted to ensure the best crop is processed.

All farmers are supported and trained in accordance with the Good Agricultural practices (G.A.P). Their training is focused on farm management, coffee tree pruning, climate change impacts, fertilization and mulching.

They are also provided with information about financial literacy, in particular, taking out small loans to help expand their personal businesses.
Furthermore, Greenco actively grow and distribute coffee plants and train farmers on environmental protection addressing issues such as soil erosion, water drainage, river protection, and waste management.

We are regularly cupping single origin beans from all around the world. Every now and then we find something that we love and want to share this experience with you. Check in regularly to see what’s currently available.

Region: La Unión Nariño Rafael Supremo, Colombia Process: Washed Roast: Light – Medium Varietal: Castillo, Colombia, Caturra