Decaf – Organic & Mycotoxin Free

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Decaf – Organic & Mycotoxin Free

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Our single origin Decaf is decaffeinated using the Mountain Water Process, it is Certified Organic Green Bean and Mycotoxin Free. 

Our Organic Decaf is roasted to create a very satisfying plunger coffee, with a silky smooth body, sweet acidity and a chocolaty aftertaste.
Ideal for use in a plunger, drip-filter, AeroPress or pour over.

Mycotoxin Status: Not Detected in latest laboratory test results.

For our Brew Guide Please follow this link; Brew Guides

  • Pour Over
  • Plunger
  • Whole Bean
  • Aero Press


Wholesale enquiries

We test the Organic Blends annually or if there is a bean change (either origin or crop).

If a test came back positive for mycotoxins we would remove the statement, ‘Mycotoxin Free’ from the product on our website. This is why we don’t put ‘Mycotoxin Free’ on the coffee bags.

We only source the most premium coffee beans from the best growing regions of the world which reduces the possibility of Mycotoxins being present. We are confident with our process that it is unlikely to happen but cannot guarantee it.