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Our Brew Guide for Plunger



A plunger is an easy and practical way to make freshly brewed coffee whether at home, work or travelling.

You may have also heard it referred to as a French Press, Coffee Press, Press Pot or Cafetiére.

Although it has seen a slight dip in popularity as other portable brewing methods and domestic espresso machines become available, its convenience and speed guarantee that it will not be disappearing from our kitchens anytime soon.

plunger 1




Freshly ground coffee (coarse grind & 8g per 100ml water)







#1 Boil fresh water in kettle. If you have a temperature controlled kettle set temp at 96°C. Pour some of the hot water into the plunger to preheat then discard. This will help keep the coffee at the optimal temperature

#2 Add freshly ground coffee to your plunger. We recommend 8g of coffee per 100mls of water – the equivalent of a heaped dessert spoon of coffee per cup

#3 Start the timer and pour hot water into the plunger to the half way mark and give it a stir – this is to ensure all the coffee grounds are saturated. Continue filling the plunger with the hot water – leave approximately a 2cm gap from the top for the plunger filter to sit on top.

#4 At the 4 minute mark, stir the coffee one last time to break the crust on the surface.

#5 Place the plunger filter on top and start to apply slow steady downward pressure to push the grounds to the bottom of the plunger. Make sure you do not press too hard on the coffee bed once the filter is near the bottom of the plunger.

#6 Pour into your favourite cup, drink and enjoy!


Extra Tips – 

If you have coffee left over in the plunger, decant into another vessel so that it doesn’t continue to brew

If it is too hard to plunge the grind is too fine – stop plunging if it is too hard as some glass vessels can crack/break with too much pressure

If it is too easy to plunge the grind is too coarse

If you like it stronger try adding more coffee or brewing a little longer or if you like it lighter in flavour brew for a shorter time. Adjust and repeat until you nail your perfect brew!

We recommend our plunger blends and single origin for this brew method