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Our Brew Guide Aeropress

The AeroPress is a one-cup brewer that is simple, portable and lightweight. It is a straightforward and convenient way to make freshly brewed coffee whether at home, work or travelling. This oversized syringe is also inexpensive, compact and very easy to clean.

The AeroPress has grown in popularity amongst coffee enthusiasts as the go-to manual extraction brewing method. It is so popular that converts from around the globe come together annually to compete in the World AeroPress Championships!

Whilst it is simple to use, there are a number of ways you can brew with the AeroPress including cold brew! But we are going to stick to the basics and provide you with a simple recipe from which you can then play around with and tweak to your liking.




AeroPress paper filter

Freshly ground coffee (medium grind)








#1 Boil fresh water in kettle. If you have a temperature controlled kettle set temp at 96°C.

#2 Set your AeroPress to the inverted position and have the plunger rubber sitting at #4 on the chamber

#3 Weigh out your coffee on the scales. You want 15g of freshly ground coffee.

#4 Add coffee to the AeroPress and start the timer

#5 Pour the hot water up to #3 then stir 3 times

#6 Wait for 30 seconds

#7 Place the paper filter inside the black filter cap and rinse with hot water

#8 Pour the hot water to the top of the chamber and screw the filter paper and cap on

#9 Place your cup over the filter cap and flip the AeroPress

#10 When the timer is at the 1:30 min mark, very very slowly start to press down.

#11 By 2:30/3 min you should be finished pressing down.

#12 Serve and ENJOY!


Extra Tips – 

To clean, simply take off the filter cap and shoot the coffee puck and paper filter into the compost. Then rinse the AeroPress with hot water.

We recommend using our plunger blends and single origin for this brew method.

If you like it stronger try brewing for a bit longer or grinding it a bit finer.