Byron Bay Coffee Company

Our Brew Guide for Stove-top

Stovetop espresso is a fantastic way to make coffee at home.

The equipment is affordable, it makes the house smell incredible and creates a complex and delicious cup of coffee. We think it is pretty easy to make too.

We recommend using our espresso blends that have been ground for stovetop (slightly coarser than espresso grind).


Stovetop espresso maker, also known as a moka pot or a macchinetta

Freshly ground coffee

Hot water (off the boil)




#1 Fill the bottom chamber of your pot up to the safety valve with filtered hot water.

We think it is best to use hot water from the start as it reduces the time the coffee spends over the heat of the stove and therefore decreases the risk of burning the coffee.

#2 Add your ground coffee to the filter.

You do not need to tamp/pack the coffee, just level the grinds with your finger and wipe off any loose grounds.

Make sure the filter is full but the grounds loose.

#3 Holding the bottom chamber with a tea towel (be careful as its very hot), twist the top and bottom chambers together tightly so no water or steam can escape.

Avoid using the handle to do this as they can break.

#4 Place your coffee maker on the stove on a low to medium heat

Your stovetop will make bubbling sounds as the coffee filters through.

When the top chamber is full your coffee has finished brewing.

#5 Remove from the heat and serve.

#6 Make sure to clean your machine well so that the next time you brew your coffee, the flavours are not tainted.