Byron Bay Coffee Company

Our Brew Guide for Cold Drip



Cold Drip Tower

Cold drip paper filter

60g Plunger roast coffee (plunger grind)

600ml Chilled Water (preferably filtered)

cold drip kirra


#1 Set up the tower, ensure the metal filter is in the base of second chamber and the tap is off on the top chamber

#2 Put the 60g of coffee into the second chamber and place the paper filter on top of the coffee

#3 Pour the chilled water into the top chamber

#4 Turn the tap on and set the drip rate to 1 drip per 1.5 seconds

#5 Place the lid on the top chamber and leave to brew for approximately 6 hours, it should product approximately 750ml of concentrate

#6 Decant the concentrate into a jar or bottle.

#7 Serve and ENJOY!

Extra Tips – 

It can be stored (sealed and in the fridge) for 1-2 weeks