Byron Bay Coffee

Mycotoxin Free Coffee

There has been some concern about Mycotoxins in roasted coffee, so we tested our  Organic Espresso  and Organic Plunger blends with Intertek Agricultural Services.

We are pleased to say that they are Mycotoxin free so you can enjoy a delicious cup with confidence!

We have looked in to the most recent research and have found that coffee growers are using specific methods to prevent Mycotoxins from occurring.



So, what are Mycotoxins?

Mycotoxins are chemicals produced by moulds.

It is important to know that Mycotoxin levels in food are tightly regulated.

Moulds and Mycotoxins in foods are nothing new. The World Health Organisation is aware of this and regulates the levels that are found in foods we consume.



From our own research we have found that sourcing and consuming top quality Arabica coffee beans is the best way to avoid Mycotoxins.


Are Mycotoxins harmful to human health?

There are claims that some coffee available on the market is contaminated with these toxins and that they can cause people who drink them to have adverse reactions and even higher risk of disease.

The types of Mycotoxins that are of concern regarding coffee are Aflotoxin B1 and Ochratoxin A. AFB1 is a well known carcinogen and Ochratoxin a is a less studied and weaker carcinogen that may be harmful to the brain and kidneys.

It is when these moulds are found in large doses that they are harmful to human health and thankfully when coffee is produced correctly it is totally safe to consume. To purchase our Mycotoxin free blends click here.