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The Strategic Advantage For Cafes of 6oz Take-Away Cups

In today’s competitive coffee market, cafes are constantly seeking ways to optimise operations, enhance customer experience and reduce costs while minimising their environmental impact. One often-overlooked advantage lies in the seemingly simple choice of take-away cup sizes, especially the 6oz cup.

It might seem more appealing to use a larger sized cup for your smallest take-away coffee offering, however, a compelling case can be made for the multiple benefits of using the 6oz cup option.

The Strategic Advantage For Cafes of 6oz Take-Away Cups

#1: Maintaining consistency between dine-in and take-away coffees

Many cafes have a hidden inconsistency between their dine-in and take-away coffees. The strength of their coffees, determined by the espresso-to-milk ratio, should be consistent across both dine-in and take-away options. However, it is common to find cafes offering a larger take-away cup size that disrupts this balance.

For example, a cafe might serve their standard dine-in coffee in a 170ml cup, while their smallest take-away coffee is an 8oz cup (approximately 237ml). Both sizes typically contain a single shot of espresso, but the increased milk volume in the take-away cup significantly alters the milk-to-coffee ratio. To maintain the ideal coffee-to-milk balance, cafes should consider offering a 6oz take-away cup.

By offering a 6oz take-away cup, cafes can ensure the perfect ratio is maintained, avoiding the over-dilution of espresso and guaranteeing a consistent and delicious coffee experience for customers, whether they choose to ‘have here’ or take away.

#2: Cost Savings

As with the smaller in-house cups, a 6oz take-away cup requires less milk per drink, leading to significant cost savings on ingredients, especially for high-volume cafes. Additionally, the smaller size typically translates to lower bulk purchase costs compared to larger cups. These combined factors contribute to a healthier bottom line for your cafe.

The Strategic Advantage For Cafes of 6oz Take-Away Cups

#3: A Smaller Footprint 

In an era of growing environmental awareness, the 6oz cup presents an opportunity to demonstrate your cafe’s commitment to sustainable practices. The reduced material consumption associated with a smaller cup translates to a lower environmental footprint. This commitment resonates with today’s eco-conscious consumers, fostering brand loyalty and goodwill.

#4: Optimising Cafe Operations

Smaller cups like the 6oz can lead to increased operational efficiency. A smaller sized cup requires less milk steaming, allowing baristas to prepare drinks more quickly. Even though the individual time saved may be small, it adds up during peak hours, keeping queues moving and customers happy. Additionally, choosing a 6oz take-away cup frees up valuable storage space compared to using larger cups.

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The Takeaway

Ensuring consistency between your in-house and takeaway offerings is crucial. The 6oz cup avoids the pitfalls of over-dilution and guarantees a perfectly balanced small milk coffee. Furthermore, this cup size offers cafes cost savings in storage and operations, and a smaller environmental footprint.