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Brewing Made Easy: The Pour-Over V-60 Method

The V60 Pour-Over brewing method has gained immense popularity among coffee lovers for its ability to reveal exceptionally clear, rich flavours.

Brewing with V-60 can take as little as 3 minutes, making it a practical method to prepare great aromatic coffee in the comfort of your home.




– Freshly ground coffee for filter, V-60 grind.
Depending on how many cups of coffee you’d like to make and the size of your brewer and brewing vessel, you’ll need to calculate how many grams of coffee guided by a 75g of coffee to 1lt of water ratio. For this brew guide, we’ll be working with 30g of coffee and 400ml of water, but you can increase or decrease the amount of coffee or water depending on how strong you like your coffee. Important! While V-60 is a type of pour-over method, coffee needs to be ground specifically for V-60 (rather than regular ‘pour-over grind’). The grind size for V-60 is around 0.75mm diameter, similar to what granulated sugar looks like.
– A V-60 brewer
– A glass jug, big cup, mug, or any other item that works as a brewing vessel
– A paper filter
– A spoon or spatula
– A pouring kettle with just over 400ml of water off the boil. If you don’t have a pouring kettle, you can use a regular kettle
– Scales with a timer to keep coffee and water on point


Step 1: Place the brewer on top of the brewing vessel and pop the paper filter into the brewer. Quick rinse the filter with hot water to warm up the brewing device and get rid of any unwanted paper taste.  

Step 2: Place the jug and brewer on top of the scales, tare the scales and add 30g of coffee into the brewer.



Step 3: Bloom your coffee by pouring twice the amount of water to coffee (so, for this particular brew, 60g of water) in a circular motion. Aim to pour right on the coffee; not the walls of the brewer; as water may pass through without extracting the coffee.

Step 4: Give your coffee 45 seconds to brew and let CO2 bubbles escape. This will release the coffee’s aromatic oils, which will give the flavour to your brew. 

Step 5: Pour the rest of the water slowly, aiming for that 400g mark while keeping an eye on your scales.




Step 6: Gently stir the coffee around the edges in a circular motion to ensure every bit of coffee is brewing.

Step 7: Once all the water has filtered through, discard the coffee and paper. Give the brewing vessel a swirl, and pour the freshly brewed coffee into your favourite cups.